Course Descriptions

Core Program

CMPE 489 / COGS 500
Introduction to Cognitive Science
Bilişsel Bilime Giriş
Credits3 ECTS6
Introduction of basic concepts, approaches and issues in the field of cognitive science to increase the awareness of the students to the questions raised in the disciplines of computer science, linguistics, philosophy and psychology; focus on the interaction of these disciplines in approaching the study of the mind; specialization on topics central to cognitive science such as the nature of mental representation, reasoning, perception, language use, learning as well as other cognitive processes of humans and other intelligent systems.
COGS 579
Graduate Seminar
Lisansüstü Seminer
Credits1 ECTS3
Seminars offered by faculty, guest speakers, and/or graduate students designed to widen students’ perspectives on specific topics of interest and to expand their range of scientific research techniques and publication ethics.
COGS 690
M.A. Thesis
Yüksek Lisans Tezi
Credits0 ECTS30

Computer Engineering

CMPE 530
Mathematical Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
Yapay Zekanın Matematiksel Temelleri
Credits3 ECTS8
Signal terminology. Empirical modeling and approximation. Probability concept and signal characteristics for classification. Random processes and decision making. Fundamentals of learning. Optimization theory in classification. Information theory and fuzzy concept applications.
CMPE 532
Speech Processing
Konuşma İşleme
Credits3 ECTS8
Man-machine communication. Speech models and representations. Speech synthesis. Speech coding. Speech Recognition. Dynamic Time Warping and Hidden Markow Models. Neural networks for speech processing. Speech enhancement.
CMPE 537
Computer Vision
Bilgisayar Görüşü
Credits3 ECTS8
Image formation. Early processing: low-level vision and feature extraction. Boundary detection. Region growing. Texture. Motion. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional representation. High-level vision: learning and matching.
CMPE 540
Principles of Artificial Intelligence
Yapay Zekanın İlkeleri
Credits3 ECTS8
CMPE 510
Machine Translation
Makine Çevirisi
Credits3 ECTS8
Machine translation terminology. Rule-based machine translation approaches: direct, transfer and interlingua. The Vauquois triangle. Statistical machine translation. Word-based translation and phrase-based models. Word alignment. Decoding. Language models in translation. Example-based machine translation. Quality assessment of machine translation.
CMPE 538
3D Computer Vision
3D Bilgisayar Görüşü
Credits3 ECTS8
3D scanning sensors, software and systems. Multi-view geometry and camera calibration. 3D registration. Shape reconstruction from point clouds. 3D representation and modeling, 3D shape analysis, 3D matching and recognition. Applications of 3D computer vision.
CMPE 561
Natural Language Processing
Doğal Dil İşleme
Credits3 ECTS8
There has been a striking growth in text data such as web pages, news articles, e-mail messages, social media data, and scientific publications in the recent years. Developing tools for processing and utilizing this huge amount of textual information is getting increasingly important. This course will cover techniques for processing and making sense of text data written in natural (human) language. We will examine the core tasks in natural language processing, including language modeling, syntactic analysis, semantic interpretation, and discourse analysis. We will also explore how these techniques can be used in applications such as information extraction, question answering, summarization, and sentiment analysis.
Social Semantic Web
Sosyal Anlamsal Ağ
Credits3 ECTS8
Semantic Web concepts, tools, and languages. Social network analysis.  Reasoning within semantic social information. Recommendation Systems. Contextual browsing and searching. Discovery.
Robot Learning
Robot Öğrenimi
Credits3 ECTS8
This course is about (i) "general" approaches that aim development of robot intelligence, and (ii) "more focused" advanced learning methods that endow robots with a particular set of sensorimotor skills. To get a grasp of general approaches, we study the general framework of developmental robotics, active learning and intrinsic motivation, bottom-up skill development and symbol acquisition. These approaches are formulated mostly in an interdisciplinary manner, in relation to the findings from infant development, human information processing, experimental and ecological psychology. For the latter one, we will focus on particular methods that are effective in learning manipulation skills and sensorimotor representations such as learning by demonstration, grasp learning, and probabilistic modeling. Rather than detailed analysis of the Machine Learning methods, we will focus on their exploitation for different robot learning problems.


LING 501
Aspects of Phonology
Sesbilimin Özellikleri
Credits4 ECTS10
Various theoretical approaches to phonology and the application of these approaches are considered. Issues concerning the phonological structure of languages are investigated with data from individual languages.
LING 301 or consent of instructor
LING 512
Morphological Analysis
Morfolojik Analiz
Credits4 ECTS10
Aspects of morphological structures in linguistic analysis and various theoretical approaches to the subject. Issues concerning the morphological structure of languages are investigated with data from particular languages.
LING 301, 302 or consent of instructor
LING 504
Credits4 ECTS10
Discusses the nature of meaning in human languages. Focuses on problems in formal and substantive semantics.
LING 302 or consent of instructor
LING 522
English-Turkish Contrastive Grammar and its Application
İngilizce-Türkçe Karşılaştırmalı Dil bilgisi ve Uygulaması
Credits4 ECTS10
A detailed analysis and comparison of English and Turkish structure at the phonological, morphological and syntactical levels, followed by analysis of written and textual material.
LING 301, 302, ENGL 201, TK 204 or consent of instructor
LING 541
Syntactic Theory
Sözdizimi Kuramı
Credits4 ECTS10
Analysis of the syntax of natural languages within the framework of generative grammar. Current issues relevant to this particular theory of grammar are considered.
LING 302 or consent of instructor
LING 580-589
Topics in Linguistic Theory
Dilbilimi Kuramında Konular
Credits4 ECTS10
Extensive reading, discussion and research on topics selected by the instruc­tor.
LING 301, 302 or consent of instructor


PHIL 580-588, 591-599
Special Topics in Philosophy
Felsefede Özel Konular
Credits4 ECTS10
Study of special topics in philosophy not covered in other courses at the master's level.
PHIL 504
Advanced Issues in Ontology
Varlık Felsefesinde İleri Konular
Credits3 ECTS10
Issues in ontology, such as metaphysical, cognitive, linguistic, conceptual, and social-political matters.
PHIL 506
Advanced Issues in Epistemology
Bilgi Felsefesinde İleri Konular
Credits3 ECTS10
An intensive study in theory of knowledge such as evidential, doxastic, ontological, social-political, cognitive, historical and evolutionary matters.
PHIL 517
Topics in Contemporary Philosophy
Çağdaş Felsefede Konular
Credits4 ECTS10
A study of some topic chosen by the instructor in any one or more trends of thought in contemporary philosophy.
PHIL 536
Credits4 ECTS10
A critical examination of some of the major substantive and meta-ethical systems and their application to concrete moral problems.
PHIL 552
Credits3 ECTS10
A critical survey of Aristotle's writings on the basis of texts selected from such works as the Physics, Metaphysics, De Anima, and Organon.
PHIL 635
Credits4 ECTS10
An in-depth study of selected material with a view to elucidating the fundamental principles and discussions of the naturalistic perspective.


PSY 501
Advanced Research Methods I
İleri Araştırma Yöntemleri I
Credits4 ECTS8
General survey of social science research techniques. Experimental and non-experimental research designs. Measurement theory, reliability and validity. Sampling theory and designs. Overview of statistical evaluation procedures.
PSY 502
Advanced Research Methods II
İleri Araştırma Yöntemleri II
Credits4 ECTS8
Data collection and scaling procedures. Multivariate analysis techniques; regression analysis, factor analysis and related procedures. Complex experimental procedures. The writing of research reports.
PSY 504
Research Projects in Psychology I
Psikolojide Araştırma Projeleri I
Credits4 ECTS8
Active involvement of graduate students in research project and preparation of a research proposal.
PSY 505
Research Projects in Psychology II
Psikolojide Araştırma Projeleri II
Credits4 ECTS8
Completion of the project started in PSY 504 and the submission of a written report of the findings.
PSY 588-591
Special Topics in Cognitive Psychology
Bilişsel Psikolojide Seçilmiş Konular
Credits4 ECTS8
Readings and/or research on special topics in cognitive psychology.
PSY 592-595
Special Topics in Developmental Psychology
Gelişim Psikolojisinde Seçilmiş Konular
Credits4 ECTS8
Readings and/or research on special topics in developmental psychology.
PSY 596-599
Special Topics in Social Psychology
Sosyal Psikolojide Seçilmiş Konular
Credits4 ECTS8
Readings and/or research on special topics in social psychology.
PSY 541
Advanced Social Psychology I
İleri Sosyal Psikoloji I
Credits4 ECTS8
A survey of the major fields of inquiry in social psychology such as attitudes, social exchange, conformity, social perception and attribution, the self, and moral socialization. Emphasis on critical review of social psychological theories and use of original sources.
PSY 542
Advanced Social Psychology II
İleri Sosyal Psikoloji II
Credits4 ECTS8
Review of current areas of research in social psychology such as interpersonal attraction, relationships, prosocial behavior, competition, aggression, and environmental influences on behavior. Writing of literature reviews.
PSY 572
Advanced Neuroscience
İleri Sinirbilim
Credits4 ECTS8
A detailed analysis of topics in neuroscience related to the neuroanatomical and neurochemical foundations of psychological phenomena such as learning, memory and emotions.
PSY 521
Advanced Cognitive Psychology
İleri Bilişsel Psikoloji
Credits4 ECTS8
An in-depth analysis of advanced topics in human cognitive processes underlying perception, mental imagery, short- and long-term memory, language comprehension, decision making, problem solving and skilled performance, including both theory and basic experimental findings.
PSY 532
Cognitive Development
Bilişsel Gelişim
Credits4 ECTS8
An overview of both classical and recent theories of cognitive development discussed in the light of empirical findings.
Selected Topics in Cognitive Psychology
Bilişsel Psikolojide Seçilmiş Konular
Credits4 ECTS10
Study of selected topics in Cognitive Psychology.